5 Golden Rules for Planning a Trip to Iceland

Photo: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

How many days are enough for a trip around Iceland? Putting together an itinerary for a trip to Iceland is great fun but the amount of sights and options can also feel overwhelming. Depending on how many days you‘re planning, what travel type you are, whom you are traveling with as well as the season you are traveling in, you might need some ideas.  

Photo: Northern lights

Here are some suggestions on what's doable in a set amount of time. Enjoy! But first: 

  1. Choose your own must-sees: You‘re an outdoor person? Schedule some hikes on your trip! Like museums? We have plenty of them! The same goes for spas and swimming pools. Make sure the itinerary fits your personal preferences. 
  2. Plan enough time for driving! When Icelanders talk about way lengths they usually talk in hours, not in kilometers and for a good reason: 20 kilometers on a gravel road take much longer than 20 kilometers on a freeway. Plus, there will be countless, unexpected photo stops on the way. Rule of thumb: always add an hour on top of what you originally calculated. 
  3. Be flexible when traveling in winter: expect trip cancellations, road closures, hotel changes, and itinerary rearrangements, and be cool about it. Here in Iceland, spontaneous changes run in our veins and everybody will be helpful if you‘re in need. 
  4. Enjoy where you are: hustling from one sight to the next just because it was on your bucket list can end in stress. Enjoy where you are and give Iceland the chance to let its magic work on you. Our landscape is known for having a very soothing effect on people. 
  5. Leave room for surprises and adventure: Accept that you won‘t be able to see everything in one trip. That gives you the chance to turn left or right from time to time and discover places you’d have never thought of! 

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